amateur radio station logbook sheets

I still use ordinary paper station log. That is mainly because I don’t work with my own call sign that often and when I do, many times conditions are such that it’s not feasible to take and carry a laptop with me.

I happen to need a few sheets now and then, so here are log sheets I made for printing to A4 sized paper sheet.

Ready for print: Logbook sheet in English (pdf) | in Finnish (pdf)

Editable logbook sheet (ods), spreadsheet file

course material [in Finnish] / K-moduulin kurssimateriaali

Some years ago I made a course material for those wanting to get the Finnish HAM radio licence. In spring 2016 I was one of the teachers at an amateur radio course and so I rewrote the whole K-part material to be used there. Obviously the presentation is in Finnish, but if you need it, it can be found from Drop me a line if you happen to be in need for an English version for some reason.

Joitain vuosia sitten kirjoittelin opiskelumateriaalia niille, jotka haluavat suorittaa kotimaisen radioamatööritutkinnon. Keväällä 2016 päädyin opettamaan paikallisella ra-peruskurssilla, mistä syystä kokosin koko K-moduulin materiaalin alusta asti uusiksi: